• WSF | Black Carpet | Viking's Creed

    This weekend's WSF is the next mission in raven6's infamous Black Carpet mission series. Sign up in the ATO HERE or check the flight thread in the forum HERE for more info.

    Operation: Yellow Jacket

    Make sure you check out the ATO and sign up for the next mission in Junker's Operation Yellow Jacket series!

    Desert Thunder

    The next mission in Operation: Desert Thunder is this weekend at 1800z. Go register on the ATO HERE

    Operation: Phantom | Retake Fallujah

    This Saturday's Weekly Standard Flight (June 4th at 1800z) will take place in the ITO theater as part of the Operation: Phantom mission series. Coalition Forces are working with locals to retake the city of Fallujah and require air support from the 1st VFW starting at 0300 local. Check the ATO HERE to sign up! If the Viper seats are full post in the flight thread and Demo will add seats.

    Black Carpet- Operation Blindside

    The next in raven6's Black Carpet series is this weekend, 28th May at 1800z. Sign up in the ATO before all the seats are filled!
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    The 1st Virtual Fighter Wing - We are an international group of like minded individuals that push the F4:BMS simulator to the boundaries of realism for which it was intended. From our extensive training programs and coordinated events, to our relentless pursuit of becoming better BMS pilots, the 1st VFW is built for the experienced BMS pilot looking to be challenged.

    Utilizing the best in communication methods, we've worked hard to create a "close to real life" atmosphere while still vying to maintain the fun aspects of simply enjoying a simulation title among friends. As one of the most active groups in the community, we have limited space available. New pilots should be prepared to work hard during their IQT phase of their training as our Instructor Pilots work just as hard to provide the best training available in the virtual arena.

    If you feel you're up to the challenge, please visit our recruiting page and post an introduction in our forum.


    -We're adding another 1000Mbps dedicated server to go alongside Zeus's server!

    -Remember to check the ATO daily for flights!

    -Recruiting for the 1st VFW is now OPEN >>Apply here<<

    The 1st VFW has revamped and simplified our training programs. The sole purpose of our training programs is to ensure the quality of our online flights. We don't pretend to know everything and therefore our training programs are a perpetual work-in-progress, especially our MQT program where the curriculum comes directly from our participating members.

    To learn more about our Training Programs, please click here

    -Weekly Standard Flights (WSF) each Saturday at 1800z.

    -Friday Night Pick-Up Flights every Friday at 02:30z.

    -Sunday Morning Pick-Up Flights every Sunday at 1500z.

    -Weeknight Pick-Up Flights every Wednesday at 1900z.